Commonly Ignored Questions Asked to Divorce Lawyers

If you have been separated from your partner for some time and are contemplating divorce, then it is time to look for a divorce lawyer. However, getting a divorce attorney is not just a matter of walking to the nearest law firm and finding the cheapest, most readily available lawyer. No, that is not how it works. You need an excellent attorney to represent your position and help you towards an amicable divorce. However, it is only possible if you ask a potential lawyer the right questions. Read on. 

Can you Handle Alternative Dispute Resolution?

This is arguably one of the most commonly ignored questions, and most qualified divorce lawyers do not understand why. While some divorce cases end up in a family court, it does not mean that all cases do. Most lawyers agree that out-of-court-settlement, such as mediation, is the best, especially if children are involved. Therefore, when interviewing a divorce lawyer, first find out their experience in alternative dispute resolutions. The right divorce lawyer should have a good grasp of the different types of dispute resolution methods. It will ensure you are represented well no matter where the case takes you. However, if you rely on a lawyer who only fancies their chances in family court, then you will have a problem when the judge asks you to try mediation. 

What Mode of Communication Do You Prefer?

It is said that communication is vital for success in all areas of work and life. This could not be truer in the relationship between a divorce and a client. A top divorce lawyer understands that you are going through a rough patch; therefore, they will try as much as possible to use face-to-face communication. The human touch helps lawyers and clients understand each other and helps build a strong case. If your divorce lawyer prefers using email or phone calls, then the best thing is to strike them off your list. That is why it is advisable to choose a local divorce lawyer because setting up meetings is easier. 

Do You Offer Partially Free Consultations?

Divorce lawyers do not come cheap, especially the top professionals who offer quality service. However, the lawyers also understand that a client can go through different lawyers before finding the right one. Therefore, a good lawyer will charge for the first consultation, but only partially. This means that the first two or three hours will be free, and you can use the time to gauge the lawyer. Three hours are enough to get a good feel of what the divorce lawyer is all about and whether you can work together.