Three Possible Reasons Why Your Australian Partner Visa Was Denied

Partner visas are offered to people of other nationalities who are married to or are in de facto relationships with Australian citizens or permanent residents. People who have interdependent and same-sex relationships with Australians are also eligible to apply for this visa. However, the Department of Immigration takes you through an assessment process before you are granted the visa, and you must meet the stipulated requirements to get the visa. Your partner is also supposed to sponsor you for a period of two years before you get the visa. It is, therefore, crucial to understand possible reasons for the denial of an Australian partner visa.

If the Relationship Is Not Genuine

A lot of people would do anything to gain entry into the country. Sometimes, they even go to the extent of faking marital and romantic relationships, while their interest is solely on the visa. Some records that the government looks into to ascertain the genuineness of a relationship include having constant communication prior to relocation, joint bank accounts, visits and other indications of a relationship. At the same time, if you provide details that do not match, your visa application might also be rejected.

If You Did Not Offer Sufficient Supporting Documents

The other common reason why you might fail to get a partner visa is if you did not follow up and get the right supporting documents. Most of the time, the embassy will call you for a preliminary interview, and when this is successful, they will invite you for subsequent ones. They might also ask you to provide additional documents to help prove your case. If you are unable to provide this proof, they might reject your visa application. Issues such as medical assessments are also a common source of controversy, with many people failing to comply, and therefore losing the chance to get the visa.

If You Failed the Interview

In addition to providing the right supporting documents, you will have to complete an interview with the Department of Immigration. During the interview, they will ask about details of your relationship, such as important dates such as birthdays, when the relationship was established, details about parents and siblings and other personal details that a couple in love would know about each other. Failure to provide these details accurately may lead visa denial.

These are some of the most crucial things to remember about a partner visa application and why your application might be turned down. With the support of a good immigration lawyer, you will pass through these hurdles effortlessly.