Fighting Denied Justice to the End! 3 Critical Steps You Shouldn’t Skip When Contesting a Will

When writing a will, everyone expects their last wishes to be administered as stipulated, but this doesn't always happen. The will could be contested if the interested party has undeniable grounds to oppose its validity and terms. Contesting a will isn't only expensive, but also lengthy and daunting. The contesting party might not always be an individual; it could also be a business whose justice has been denied. Some of the interested persons who could contest a will include your parents, spouse, siblings, relatives, children, grandchildren or even business partners. But whether your grounds for contesting a will are valid or not, contesting it without the help of a contested wills solicitor is risky. Here are the steps you follow when contesting a will.

Research Properly and Take Your Grievances to Court

If you don't have justifiable grounds to contest a will, you will lose the battle before it begins. Assess the ground for contesting the will and research thoroughly to get any accurate detail or information about it. Go through the laws in your country or state to assess if your ground for contesting the will is within the stipulated legal parameters. Also, check how long you should wait to contest the will from the time the will-owner died. Then consult a wills solicitor when filing your petition to help you do it properly.

Gather Irrefutable Evidence

The probate court will set the hearing date after filing a petition to determine if you have valid grounds to contest the will. Before the hearing date, you should gather any reliable evidence to help support your claim. According to most contested wills solicitors, your ground for contesting the will determines the evidence you gather. A wills solicitor will help you document the evidence you have gathered and also help you get the right witnesses to support your claim. If your evidence is valid, your case becomes stronger. Your solicitor will also note when you should appear in court and remind you in good time, so you don't miss the session.

Hire an Experienced Wills Solicitor to Represent You

Even if you research the grounds properly and gather solid evidence for contesting a will, you might not win if you don't have a contested wills solicitor to represent you. Contesting a will can be quite tricky and daunting without professional legal advice. Most of the people who contest a will without a solicitor make wrong moves and lose the case. Some rogue interested parties might contact some corrupt officials to manipulate the will, and you might not discover it if you are contesting the will yourself. Once you win the case, your wills solicitor will oversee the amendments, document them and make copies to avoid any illegal move by an unhappy or interested party.

Contesting a will doesn't mean you will automatically get the justice you deserve. You may still lose it if you don't follow the right steps and get a contested wills solicitor to help you. The solicitor knows what to do to prove the will is invalid so you could get your fair share of the property.