When You Change Your Mind About Divorce: What to Do

The breakdown of a marriage or partnership can be quite emotive. You may find yourself making big decisions that you may regret later on, including the decision to file for divorce. This is part of the reason why, at the initial consultation, a professional divorce lawyer will always ask you about whether or not you are sure of the next step you are about to take.

Imagine you have already filed for divorce, but now have a change of heart. What can you do? Here is what you, with the counsel and help of your divorce lawyer, can do.

Withdraw the Application

Simply withdrawing the petition for divorce works if the process has not yet begun. If the petition has not yet been filed, the clerk may be able to withdraw it without you having to do much else. If, on the other hand, it is already on file, then you will have to sign a notice of discontinuance form.

File for Voluntary Dismissal

In instances where the divorce case is already underway, you may not have the luxury of withdrawing the petition. What you can do, however, is fille for a voluntary dismissal of your case. Your divorce lawyer can guide you on the required paperwork and how to complete it all.

A notice of discontinuance is the main form that you will be required to fill. While filing for the dismissal, you are not required to provide any explanation to the court, and your divorce lawyer can take care of everything, leaving you to just sign the forms.

File Motion for No Ruling

For divorce proceedings that are advanced but the settlement has yet to be signed, then your divorce lawyer will need to really get to work. This will involve filing a motion asking the courts not to make a ruling in your case. If the courts agree to this motion, then the divorce proceedings will come to a halt, and you can remain married.

When it's too late

If your divorce decree is already signed and it's already been a while since the signing, there isn't much else you or a divorce lawyer can do. If you do desire to be married to your now ex-spouse, then your only option will be to remarry and start on a new slate.

As highlighted, your options will depend on where you are in the process. You can rely on a divorce lawyer to help you achieve the best possible outcome.