Services Offered By A Deceased Estate Lawyer

Deceased estate lawyers help you protect your estate once you die. The truth is, some people prefer DIY estate management. However, the services offered by a deceased estate lawyer make their input invaluable as you plan your estate. Below is an article discussing some of the services provided by a deceased estate lawyer. 

Writing A Water-Tight Will

One of the challenges experienced by testators is the possibility that someone could dispute their will. A deceased estate lawyer will help you create a water-tight will that cannot be disputed by your family or third parties. For instance, they will ensure the document does not have contradicting clauses. Besides, they will ensure that you provide for your direct beneficiaries. It prevents them from disputing the will on a family provision claim. If you think malicious people will challenge the will to derail the probate process, the lawyer will ask you to include a no-contest clause or explanation letters. 

Creating Trusts

Anyone can create a trust. However, your lawyer will ensure that the trust is customised to meet your estate management needs. For example, a unit trust will be ideal when you want your spouse to manage property on behalf of your kids. On the other hand, a unit trust serves the beneficiaries' needs since they allocate a specified percentage of the proceeds to each beneficiary. The lawyer can also help you set charitable trusts if you wish to donate to your favourite charities. In this case, the trust could have clauses detailing when the charity should receive the funds, how they should use the cash, and the eligibility criteria for receiving subsequent funding. 

Protecting Your Assets

In some cases, you will want to leave out some of your assets from the will. It is especially so if you think that they would come under dispute during probate. In this case, the deceased estate lawyer will help you transfer these assets to your preferred beneficiaries. For example, you could create a company and transfer some of the shares to the beneficiaries. Should you die, the property belongs to them. 


Your deceased estate lawyer will help out the executor with the probate process. In most cases, your executor will not have legal knowledge. As such, the lawyer will assist with the legalities of estate settlements and property transfer. For example, they will advise the executor which debts should be cleared by the estate. Besides, the lawyer will help beneficiaries with the paperwork needed to transfer assets to their names. 

A deceased estate lawyer will help with will writing, creating trusts, protecting your assets, and probate.