Carole Martin

The Importance of Estate Planning

Estate planning, often overlooked, holds a crucial role in securing one's financial future. While it may seem like a daunting task, the benefits it offers are substantial. Let's delve into the benefits of estate planning and why it's worth considering.   Safeguarding Assets Estate planning ensures the protection of assets. Individuals can protect their properties, investments and other assets from any potential legal disputes or claims through meticulous planning. It's about safeguarding what's been earned and ensuring it goes to the right hands. Read More 

Understanding the Process of Filing a Will Dispute

Learn how to file a will dispute effectively with this article. Discover the steps involved, such as collecting evidence, reviewing state laws, filing a petition, attending court hearings, hiring an attorney and preparing for an appeal. Explore more about filing a will dispute here. 1. Collect Evidence The first step in filing a will dispute is to collect evidence that supports your claim. This can include documents such as the deceased's will any amendments or codicils. Read More 

3 Pitfalls to Avoid to Ensure You Don’t Have a Contested Will

A contested will is a legal dispute that arises when the validity of a will is challenged by one or more beneficiaries, heirs, or other interested parties. This situation can create a significant emotional and financial strain on all parties involved. By avoiding some common mistakes, you can ensure that your final wishes are carried out as you intended. Here are some mistakes people make when preparing their will, leading to contested wills. Read More 

Dealing With Delinquent Accounts? Why Hire A Legal Service For Your Debt Collection

If your collection accounts keep building up, don't try to handle the collection process on your own. Hire a legal service instead. You can send a demand for payment to your customers. But, that doesn't mean that your customers will respond to those letters. Unfortunately, if they don't respond, you're left with unpaid invoices. That's where a debt collection legal service comes into the picture. If you've decided to handle your own debt collection, read the list provided below. Read More 

Why You Should Hire a Family Lawyer if You’re Divorcing Your Abusive Partner

If you are a victim of abuse at the hands of your spouse, you might have decided that you have had enough. Now, you might be ready to end your marriage and leave your abusive spouse behind for good. Although you might be excited about your new beginning, you might be a bit nervous about how everything is going to go in the meantime, too. It is imperative to hire a family lawyer when you're divorcing an abusive partner for these reasons. Read More