Three Possible Reasons Why Your Australian Partner Visa Was Denied

Partner visas are offered to people of other nationalities who are married to or are in de facto relationships with Australian citizens or permanent residents. People who have interdependent and same-sex relationships with Australians are also eligible to apply for this visa. However, the Department of Immigration takes you through an assessment process before you are granted the visa, and you must meet the stipulated requirements to get the visa. Your partner is also supposed to sponsor you for a period of two years before you get the visa. Read More 

Sole Parenting Responsibility: Why Might You Request It?

Applying for sole custody of your children (generally known as sole parenting responsibility) is not a decision to be taken lightly. It should only be considered when it's clearly in the best interests of your children. This conclusion cannot be subjective, and the Family Court must agree with your reasoning. Given the significance of your decision, you might wish to engage the services of family law solicitors to assist with your application. Read More