Understanding the Law

Top Signs You Need Legal Advice Related to Real Estate

There are lawyers and other legal professionals out there who offer legal advice to those who need it, either for free or for a fee. There are lawyers with various specialisations who offer these services. For example, conveyancing lawyers and other lawyers who handle real estate-related matters often provide legal advice for various individuals. You might have never been in a situation in which you needed to consult with one of these legal professionals, but there's a chance you're in a situation in which you could use some advice right now. Read More 

How Is It Possible to Be Separated but Living Under the Same Roof?

Australian law allows two people who have separated for at least one year to apply for a formal divorce. At the end of that period, they need to prove that their relationship has broken down completely and cannot continue, but it may only take one person to actually proceed with the case for a court to rule. Yet, the law does allow both parties to continue living under the same roof while this 12 month period ticks away, and if you find yourself in this position, how can you prove that you are effectively separated? Read More 

Services Offered By A Deceased Estate Lawyer

Deceased estate lawyers help you protect your estate once you die. The truth is, some people prefer DIY estate management. However, the services offered by a deceased estate lawyer make their input invaluable as you plan your estate. Below is an article discussing some of the services provided by a deceased estate lawyer.  Writing A Water-Tight Will One of the challenges experienced by testators is the possibility that someone could dispute their will. Read More 

How Compensation Lawyers Handle Personal Injury Claims

If you happen to suffer an injury due to another person's negligence, you could be wondering how to get compensation. Compensation lawyers are professionals that specialise in handling such issues. Typically, they initiate negotiations with the negligent party to compel them to pay you. If this does not work out, the lawyer will move to court and seek a judge's verdict. The extract below explains the strategies that compensation lawyers use to ensure a positive outcome. Read More 

Top Things to Know About Hiring a Compensation Lawyer

There may be different times in your life when you will need to seek help from an attorney. For example, at some point, you might need to hire a compensation lawyer to help you with a case. These are some of the top things that you will want to know about hiring a compensation lawyer.  These Attorneys Handle Many Different Types of Cases If you have never had to hire a compensation lawyer before, then you might not know much about what they do. Read More