Understanding the Law

Family Lawyers: Things You Should Know About Marital Desertion

One of the main reasons people hire family lawyers today is divorce. There are various grounds for divorce, including adultery, cruelty, criminal conviction and desertion. Desertion means that your spouse has willfully abandoned you and the children. Here are some essential things to know about abandonment as grounds for divorce.  Criminal Desertion If you are unwell and not able to take care of yourself, you have grounds for divorce if your spouse runs off. Read More 

How Strict Are Pet Laws in Australia?

Australia takes its responsibilities to animals extremely seriously and has enacted legislation throughout the various states and territories to protect animals and make sure they are treated fairly. Most pet laws refer to dogs, although there is cat legislation as well. Dogs can be a particular problem for owners, often because of their barking and also because there are instances where they attack other animals, infants or humans. Whilst legislation will differ by state and territory, there are a number of basic principles that are likely to be found in most pet laws throughout the country. Read More 

Commonly Ignored Questions Asked to Divorce Lawyers

If you have been separated from your partner for some time and are contemplating divorce, then it is time to look for a divorce lawyer. However, getting a divorce attorney is not just a matter of walking to the nearest law firm and finding the cheapest, most readily available lawyer. No, that is not how it works. You need an excellent attorney to represent your position and help you towards an amicable divorce. Read More 

All You Need To Know About Intercountry Adoptions

Adopting a child from overseas can be a challenging task. Below is a comprehensive guide on some considerations you should make when adopting from overseas.  Work with a Family Lawyer Hire a family lawyer who is familiar with overseas adoptions to handle the adoption process. Some of the lawyer's tasks will include:  Evaluating your situation to determine if you meet the eligibility criteria. Providing consultation services to help you determine a suitable method of adoption. Read More 

How to Transfer Your Personal Property to a Business

If you're a business owner who also owns one or more personal properties, you may consider transferring your personal property to the business name. In other words, because companies are considered separate entities from the owners themselves, you may be planning to transfer ownership of a property from your personal name to the name of the company. There are many reasons why people do this. First off, you may save on taxes, reduce the amount of personal debt that you have on an incomplete mortgage or increase the assets that your company has on its books. Read More