A Guide On Wills Disputes

Do you wish to contest a will? Could be you feel that the testator did not consider your needs when making the will. Alternatively, it could be that you believe that the will is not genuine. Read this guide to learn about wills disputes in Australia.  Who Can Contest A Will? Wills can be challenged by anyone who believes that the testator had a responsibility to provide for them once they died. Read More 

Why You Should Consider the Benefits of a Discretionary Family Trust

If you have a sizeable estate that you've built up over the years through hard work or good fortune, you will want to ensure that it is protected going forward. If you want other members of your family to take advantage of the resources, you will need to set up a tax-efficient and legally protected vehicle to hold these assets. There are various ways to accomplish this, but you will definitely want to ensure that these assets are protected should one of the people involved file for bankruptcy. Read More 

Breaking Down Duty of Disclosure in Family Law

Duty of disclosure is one of the most crucial elements that family law solicitors will ensure they cover with you even before committing to becoming legal counsel for your family law matter. Succinctly put, the duty of disclosure as applied in family law cases requires that the parties involved provide each other with information, both in paper and electronic format, that is relevant to the matter. Family law solicitors will give you the specifics of duty of disclosure, which covers the following things. Read More 

Hints to Avoid Conveyancing Stress When Selling Your Home

Are you planning to move to a new home but haven't found a buyer for your old house? Selling a property isn't easy, particularly if it's your first time. Besides finding a suitable buyer, you have to deal with property conveyancing matters that could take a toll on you if you aren't prepared. For instance, you may start feeling anxious, impatient, confused, flustered, and so on. Nobody wants to experience such feelings at such a time. Read More 

All You Need To Know About Child Adoption

Do you want to adopt a child? Child adoption can be a tedious and complicated process. Below are some tips to help you as you adopt a child.  Understand The Law Conduct some research to know if you qualify to adopt a child in your state. In Australia, you must be at least 18 years to adopt a child. Further, you must prove that you can provide for the child until he or she becomes an independent adult. Read More