Process Services: Three Essential Considerations for Serving Divorce Papers

If you are planning on filing a sole application for a divorce, you will need to serve legal documents to your spouse. In simple terms, you will need to have a couple of papers, such as the application for divorce, a copy of the legal brochure on separation and other documents from the court. Serving these papers involves delivering the materials to the other party. The service is crucial for informing the involved persons about the divorce proceedings. Read More 

Ask to Unmask! 3 Critical Conveyancing Questions Property Buyers Should Ask

If you don't go through conveyancing when buying a home, land, building or any other property, you could be risking your money. Conveyancing is the legal process involved when transferring the title or property ownership from the seller to the buyer. However, the process can't start before the offer on the property has been accepted, and it can't end before all the contracts have been signed and money transferred to the seller's account. Read More 

4 Qualities You Should Look for in the Executor of Your Will

Wills are one of the most common tools used during estate planning. A will allows you to provide specific instructions regarding how you would like your property distributed. However, even the most articulate will wouldn't be useful without appointing a competent executor. The executor of your will is the person entrusted with the responsibility of carrying out what you specified within the document itself. This is why you should take time to identify someone who has the qualities necessary for this responsibility. Read More 

Family Lawyers: Things You Should Know About Marital Desertion

One of the main reasons people hire family lawyers today is divorce. There are various grounds for divorce, including adultery, cruelty, criminal conviction and desertion. Desertion means that your spouse has willfully abandoned you and the children. Here are some essential things to know about abandonment as grounds for divorce.  Criminal Desertion If you are unwell and not able to take care of yourself, you have grounds for divorce if your spouse runs off. Read More 

How Strict Are Pet Laws in Australia?

Australia takes its responsibilities to animals extremely seriously and has enacted legislation throughout the various states and territories to protect animals and make sure they are treated fairly. Most pet laws refer to dogs, although there is cat legislation as well. Dogs can be a particular problem for owners, often because of their barking and also because there are instances where they attack other animals, infants or humans. Whilst legislation will differ by state and territory, there are a number of basic principles that are likely to be found in most pet laws throughout the country. Read More