Why Family Dispute Resolution Is a Perfect Way for Families to Settle Disputes

Be it divorce, property settlement, child custody, alimony or any other family law matter, a common myth about Australia's family law system is that all disputes involving family relationships must go to court. Far from it, family law courts in the country encourage families to use the family dispute resolution (FDR) framework to settle squabbles out of court whenever possible.   Read along to find out some of the great advantages that are associated with FDR. Read More 

Domestic Violence Questions: What Is Economic Abuse?

Domestic violence doesn't just manifest itself as physical or psychological abuse. Some people use financial control to create a situation of economic abuse. What is economic abuse and what can you do about it? What Is Economic Abuse? Economic abuse can take various forms. Generally, this term applies to a relationship if one partner uses money or finance to control the other. In some cases, this is all about one person using money to limit the other person's independence. Read More 

How To Set Up a Trust in Australia

Trusts are a vital aspect of the estate planning process. They allow you to protect the inheritance of beneficiaries who cannot manage their wealth. The extract below discusses the various considerations you should make when creating trusts. When To Consider Trusts Trusts are an ideal choice when you need a beneficiary to meet specific requirements before receiving their inheritance. For instance, you may want your kids to reach 18 years before they can inherit property. Read More 

Breaching a Parenting Agreement: When Your Ex Denies Your Visitation Rights

When your relationship with your partner ends, your relationship with your children can arguably become more complicated, at least from a legal viewpoint. Whether you have primary custody and just how often you get to see them will be determined by a parenting agreement, which can be a matter of some mediation before it's lodged with the Family Court and then approved. As horrifying as the thought might be, what happens if your ex refuses to comply with this agreement and denies you access to your children? Read More 

The First Things To Do When You And Your Partner Decide To Get A Divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy, but for many Australians, it is the right choice. Relationships can devolve to a place that is no longer healthy for anyone, and for those involved, it feels like a weight is pulling them down. But how do you even start such a procedure? Often, you are so consumed with the idea of getting a divorce that when the time finally comes you don't actually know what steps to take past this initial thought. Read More