Essential Tips for Choosing a Conveyancing Solicitor

Buying a new home ranks high among the most significant purchases you can make in your life. Considering the amount of money you will be investing, you must find a licensed and qualified conveyancing solicitor. An expert will help you to navigate the complex conveyancing process, thereby giving you value for money. Unfortunately, engaging a professional is something most people overlook only to end up losing a significant amount of money. Read More 

4 Tips About Claiming for Workers’ Compensation Scheme

The health and safety of employees should be the priority of an employer. In Australia, if you get sick or injured at work, you are entitled to a workers' compensation. The scheme entails payment for medical bills and rehabilitation until an employee can get back to work. Furthermore, workers' compensation takes care of the wages of a worker until they can work again. States and territories have various laws that regulate workers' compensation. Read More 

When You Change Your Mind About Divorce: What to Do

The breakdown of a marriage or partnership can be quite emotive. You may find yourself making big decisions that you may regret later on, including the decision to file for divorce. This is part of the reason why, at the initial consultation, a professional divorce lawyer will always ask you about whether or not you are sure of the next step you are about to take. Imagine you have already filed for divorce, but now have a change of heart. Read More 

Fighting Denied Justice to the End! 3 Critical Steps You Shouldn’t Skip When Contesting a Will

When writing a will, everyone expects their last wishes to be administered as stipulated, but this doesn't always happen. The will could be contested if the interested party has undeniable grounds to oppose its validity and terms. Contesting a will isn't only expensive, but also lengthy and daunting. The contesting party might not always be an individual; it could also be a business whose justice has been denied. Some of the interested persons who could contest a will include your parents, spouse, siblings, relatives, children, grandchildren or even business partners. Read More 

Four-Step Process Involved in Filing an Application for a Property Settlement

One of the key matters that divorced or divorcing couples have to deal with is the division of the property that they own. When the parties involved are unable to reach a consensus regarding how to divide their property, they can always turn to the courts for assistance. The Australian family law system provides a legal framework for the division of marital property. If you're contemplating going to court to make a property settlement when you're getting a divorce, a family lawyer that focuses on property settlements can guide you through the murky waters of filing an application for property settlement. Read More